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Tarifa Kiteschool lifestyle

Tarifa is famous for its impressive wind statistics all year long. A day without wind is pretty rare, so almost every day kite courses can be held.

Temperatures are very warm (20-35 degrees) in the summer, autumn and spring, and are nice (12-20 degrees) in the winter.

Nature is preserved at this spot, nearly all the coast and the landscapes of Tarifa are natural parks.

Tarifa is also well-known for its nightlife and its never-ending parties.

Location of Tarifa: south of Spain, in the south of Andalucia, on Gibraltar straight. At only 14 km from Morocco.

How to get to Tarifa?:

By plane - airports in:

  • Málaga: 1h30 from Tarifa.
  • Sevilla: 2h.
  • Jerez de la Frontera: 1h.
  • Gibraltar: 35 min.

There are plenty of rent a car companies at these airports. From these airports there are also some bus lines that stop in Tarifa.

By road: access to Tarifa is very easy and well indicated.

What to do in Tarifa apart from kitesurfing?

swimming, surf, windsurf, diving, horse riding, quad, climbing, mountain bike, trekking...

Nightlife: old town with plenty of restaurants, bars and nights clubs, great parties and typical Spanish atmosphere.

Culture: typical villages with Andalusian architecture (Tarifa, Facinas, Vejer...), Spanish lifestyle and traditions, especially during the "Feria" (first week of September) and during Easter-called the "Semana Santa".

Wildlife: dolphins and whales watching in the straits of Gibraltar

Visit: Gibraltar, Tanger in Morocco.


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